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Updated December 7, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience. A common request from Exchange Online admins is for the ability to customize the message expiration timeout interval for messages sent by users in their organization. When a message in Exchange Online can’t be delivered or sent due to …

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The new Outlook for Windows desktop client is available to customers in the Office Insiders Beta Channel. We will continue to roll out the option to try this preview client to Office Insiders in Current Channel (Preview) starting in early October to provide the best emailing experience for your employees. If you do not want …

Read More about MC440661: Outlook: Policy to Enable/Disable the new Outlook for Windows for an entire organization

In less than one month, Microsoft will turn off basic authentication, like usernames and passwords over unencrypted channels, for Exchange Online service. As of October 1, 2022, users will be required to employ token-based authentication (to access their accounts.). Other cloud providers are making similar changes: Google has already moved 150 million users to two-factor …

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In August, Microsoft announced that beginning October 1, 2022, Microsoft will begin to permanently disable Basic Authentication in all tenants, regardless of usage, except for SMTP Auth. To learn more about the deprecation of Basic Authentication, read the announcement at Exchange Team Blog > Basic Authentication and Exchange Online – September 2021 Update.

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In Safe Attachments policies, ‘Replace’ is one of the actions that can be applied to messages that are found to contain malware. This action delivers only the message body without any of the original attachments. A replacement text attachment is added to the message to notify that the attachments were removed due to malware detection.

Read More about MC424901: Safe Attachments policy: Retire policy action ‘Replace’ for malware detections in attachments (Phase 1)

In Safe Attachments policies, the option Enable redirect forwards messages with detected attachments to the specified admin email address as an email attachment if the section is Block, Monitor, or Replace. The change being introduced is to support Enable redirect only for the Monitor action. Enable redirect will no longer support the Replace or Block …

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To simplify the customer experience for managing Exchange account settings and avoiding duplication, we are removing the ‘Archive’ tab of the Data Lifecycle Management solution in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal. You will continue to be able to perform this operation from the Exchange Admin Center.

Read More about MC422154: Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management: Migration of ‘Archive’ page to new Exchange Admin Center

We are strengthening Spoofing protection within Exchange online protection and Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Anti-Spam security policy. It will provide a way to secure your organization against spoofing attacks that may otherwise occur by allowing certain domains and senders. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93436. Currently, EOP and MDO tenant …

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Updated November 7, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience. Updated August 30, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience. Cross Profile Calendar Sync for Outlook enables users with Android Work Profile configured to see a complete view of all account calendars in …

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