Data-Driven Visitor Segmentation Strategies for E-Commerce Personalize Online Experience

You’re probably already segmenting web visitors in some way, but have you ever considered all the actions that customers take on your website beyond what you usually focus on: What products or site areas are visitors hovering their cursor over? How long are visitors spending on particular product pages and what percent are they viewing? […]

Learn How to Transform B2B Sales and Engage with Buyers Online

The age of the connected customer is here. Learn how to build and maintain connected relationships with your buyers using insights from over 2,900 B2B commerce sales professionals. See how sales teams are meeting customers where they are by: Using a single view of the customer to collaborate Deploying self-service to free up time for […]

Actionable Black Friday Insight and How to Make The Most of Purchase Indicators with Personas

Your Black Friday briefing has landed. Find out what we learned by analyzing a decade’s worth of orders. There have been seismic shifts in consumer culture over the last 10 years. Marketing tech has had to develop at lightning speed to keep up with shoppers’ changing behaviors. So, we gathered and analyzed a decade’s (!) […]

Personalizing the User Experience for Better Customer Interaction and Engagement on Website

Adaptive Web: Eliminate the Guesswork to Generate More Sales Website personalization is crucial for any business committed to attracting, engaging, and converting more leads and empowers brands to own the customer journey from beginning to end. Unfortunately, delivering top-notch customized content can require an unsustainable amount of time and resources. The solution? Adaptive Web creates […]