DevOps Challenges Head-On with Redefined Approach to Application Monitoring

The world of application development has undergone significant change in recent years with the move from on-premises infrastructure to public clouds, adoption of new methodologies such as DevOps, and introduction of new tools such as Kubernetes and Serverless. This article explores the challenges developers face in creating modern applications, as well as the strategies and […]

DevOps Workflow that Incorporates and Enhances Security

Although it may seem like they’re at odds, the DevOps principles that drive good outcomes for software development can also lead to more secure infrastructure. Read this article to see how you can achieve speed without sacrificing security. The primary goal of most DevOps initiatives is to increase the speed and agility of software development […]

Overcome the challenges in Continuous Testing to optimize DevOps

Businesses around the world are focusing on delivering a high-quality product in less time. There is a need to continuously develop and test the product before deployment. Continuous testing is helpful to accelerate the delivery but the developers and testers might face some issues in continuous testing. This white paper explains the challenges in continuous […]

5 Core Practices for How To Establish And Build Successful DevOps Team

As your organization progresses through its DevOps journey, what are the best practices that successful teams use that you should follow? Puppet and Splunk surveyed more than 3,000 participants, and the findings reveal a set of core DevOps practices that are critical for mission success. Discover what separates successful DevOps teams from those that fail, […]