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PurpleUrchin freejacking campaign

Updated on 2022-10-27: PurpleUrchin freejacking campaign Researchers from cloud security firm Sysdig published details on PurpleUrchin, a threat actor that registers free or trial accounts on CI/CD platforms to mine cryptocurrency using their servers. Abused services include GitHub, Heroku, Buddyworks, BitBucket, CircleCI, Semaphore, and others. The company called this technique “freejacking.” Read more: Sysdig TRT …

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Kiss-a-Dog cryptomining campaign

Updated on 2022-10-28: Kiss-a-Dog campaign Crowdstrike published a report on Kiss-a-Dog, a new cryptomining operation that has been targeting vulnerable Docker and Kubernetes infrastructure. The Kiss-a-Dog threat actor targets cloud servers with exposed administration APIs, uses a container escape vulnerability to attack the underlying servers, deploys the Diamorphine and libprocesshide rootkits to take over the …

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