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Earth Longzhi – APT41 New Subgroup

Updated on 2022-11-11 Trend Micro has published a report on Earth Longzhi, a sub-group of the larger APT41 Chinese cyber-espionage group. According to Trend Micro, Earth Longzhi attacks targeted government, infrastructure, and health industries in Taiwan and the banking sector in China. Overview Previously unknown Chinese APT group Earth Longzhi was spotted targeting organizations in …

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China does a funny and tries to pose as IntrusionTruth

Updated 2022-10-19: Spyder Loader Broadcom Symantec researchers said they spotted new attacks part of Operation CuckooBees. But unlike previous attacks, where this Chinese threat actor went after intellectual property, the new attacks targeted Hong Kong organizations with a version of the Spyder Loader malware. Read more: Operation CuckooBees: Cybereason Uncovers Massive Chinese Intellectual Property Theft …

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