Advanced Analytics for Marketing Measurement Through Uncertainty during COVID-19

How can marketing leaders uncover the impact of COVID-19 with so many other forces at play? Can we still leverage historical results to predict outcomes given this unprecedented, non-regular event? How will we know the lagging impact of COVID-19 as we shift to stabilization/recovery and revitalization phases? This article answers these questions and more. While […]

Collaborative Data Catalog to Achieve DataOps Success and Deliver Significant Value

Modernizing data platforms can create challenges. Although traditional data catalogs can deliver some visibility across datasets, achieving DataOps success, and delivering true value from your organization’s data will require more modern methods. If you’re looking to leverage a DataOps approach, you may want to consider the options before jumping on the traditional data catalog bandwagon. […]

Convert Data into Meaningful Customer Action

The purpose of this article is to boost your data confidence so that you can start delivering more powerful engagements for show-stopping marketing results. Performance hinges on customer experience. Don’t be reactive, be proactive. Anticipate your customers’ needs before they do, and delight them until they can’t get enough. This article will help you: Get […]

How to Improve Quality, Richness and Analytics of Data Lake

Without an appropriate data strategy or advance planning, data lakes can quickly become unmanageable, particularly as businesses evolve and capture larger volumes of data. Now you’re a step closer to building a higher quality, well-structured data lake that’s fit for the future. In this article, we’ll explore how to prevent your data lake from becoming […]