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Survey and Facts of Mobile Security

In an environment where threats are constantly changing and growing, only the strong survive. Mobile technology is a critical tool for successful organizations, but the risks it faces are growing rapidly. Threats from mobile malware, hackers and other vectors are increasing in number and sophistication. A recent survey found that IT security decision-makers consider mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to be IT security’s weakest link. To keep pace in this environment, security efforts must continue to evolve.

Mobile Malware: An Invasive Species
Organizations are experiencing a huge increase in the number of attacks they face, from ever more sophisticated attackers. Mobile threats are growing at a breakneck pace.

The Challenge of BYOD
Users want to access enterprise IT resources with their personal devices, but this can expose organizations to risk from unprotected devices and unsecured networks.

Fact #1: Research conducted by McAfee shows that 3.7 million samples of Android malware were observed in 2013. That nearly triple the 1.3 million samples in 2012.

Fact #2: Implementation of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies will more than double within the next two years.

The Threats of Loss and Theft
The promise of mobility can also be a liability, because a device that can go anywhere can more easily fall into the wrong hands.

Fact #3: An estimated 1.6 million Americans had their smartphones stolen in 2012.

Fact #4: People are 15x more likely to lose a mobile phone than a notebook computer, making loss the biggest threat to mobile users.

The Plan: Adapt to Survive
In determining the level of security they need, organizations must balance the risks to mobile data with their desire for open access.

Fact #5: 92% of security incidents analyzed for Verizon’s “2014 Data Breach Investigations Report” that were covered by just 9 attack patterns.

MDM: Managing Mobile Advances
Effective mobile security starts when organizations manage their devices, their applications and their content.

NAC: Shelter From Cyberthreats
Mobile technologies distribute the capability to access enterprise IT resources far and wide. Network access control solutions allow organizations to enforce policies and manage access to IT resources.

75% of organizations that are using, or plan to use, mobile device or application management technologies to protect their mobile devices and corporate data against cyberthreats.

77% of IT security decision-makers who intend to use NAC as part of their mobile security strategy.

Keeping Data Safe
Ultimately, data is an organization’s most valuable IT resource. Encryption and data-loss prevention technologies can help protect it. 35% of health information breaches in 2013 that were due to the loss or theft of an unencrypted portable electronic device.

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