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Study: Breakthrough Factors for Women Working in Technology

A study from Girls Who Code and Logitech surveyed 400 tech and IT workers about what factors are most important in women deciding to pursue a computer science career. The study identified the five most influential breakthrough factors: having a mentor early on; having passion for the work; a job that makes meaningful contributions to society; access to communities of women in the field; and support from male colleagues.


  • Read the research report to understand what they mean by these five breakthrough factors. This is not just treating everyone the same, it also means understanding how they differ to help them achieve greatness. Engaging and supporting future workers early on, e.g., high school or earlier, is important. Share your passion and enthusiasm, don’t be patronizing, and provide support and opportunities irrespective of gender. If you think you’re doing these, ask your younger workers for brutal feedback, and make adjustments as needed.


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