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Strategies to Increase Your Business and Company Visibility in Competitive Pressure

A VAR business owner recently asked regarding realizing that he suddenly had number of potential threats to his company and he wanted to know what he could do to quickly increase company visibility and protect his position. The right messaging can have huge impact on your business especially important in tech industry. There are two areas in which you should focus on staying visible–customers and market. Here are six strategies to help you stay visible in the face of competitive pressure.

Create an E-Newsletter
Sent every three or four weeks with informative, IT-focused article to your customers and you can do this very quickly by writing one article, designing quick e-newsletter banner and sending it via email.

Don’t Neglect the Telephone
Reach out with quick phone call to your customer to check in and say “hi.” or you can hold mini review to touch base and ensure your customers will remain true to you.

Start Email Lead Generation Campaign
Implement email lead-generation campaign to target your customers to remind them about your company and your expertise. Begin nurturing email campaign to your top target markets and focus on educating them about the business issues you suspect they have.

Take Advantage of Local Publications
Business journals and local publications still can be effective tools for keeping the local market well-informed to help boost your visibility in the market immediately while you expand your presence through longer-term nurturing campaigns.

Look Into Radio Spots
Radio spots can be great for gaining market visibility to find the right station or two to publicize on. While expensive, spots scheduled during the morning commute tend to be the most effective.

Get Spotlighted
Get spotlighted in a local publication, ask them to do a profile on your business. These articles are widely read by subscribers, increasing your visibility to prospects you may not have reached otherwise.

The ideal scenario is for you to be visible in your area while highlighting your business’ expertise and strong references.

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