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5 stories of AI in CX: Asia-Pacific perspective

AI is a powerful tool when it comes to customer experience, offering the ability to leverage real-time insights to help elevatie service standards and employee performance. Read this article to learn about Genesys’ AI-powered solution, and how 5 leading Asia Pacific companies are using it to improve their customer satisfaction.

5 stories of AI in CX: Asia-Pacific perspective

Content Summary

Enabling always-on customer services
#1 TOT meets soaring call volumes with Genesys and Google Contact Centre AI
Taking personalisation to new heights
#2 Singapore Airlines personalises online travel experience with Genesys Engage
Driving cross-selling and upselling opportunities
#3 Vodafone achieves improved conversion and new revenues through digital assistance
Boosting agent productivity
#4 FE CREDIT delivers superior employee productivity with AI powered Workforce Optimisation
#5 Home Credit China reduces OPEX dramatically by improving agent work efficiency


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new competitive advantage in creating great customer experiences. Its true value lies in its ability to leverage predictive real-time actionable insights in elevating customer service standards and employee performance. Genesys combines the power of AI insights, processes, and tools across every area of our product portfolio, empowering your business across four key areas:

  • Enabling always-on customer services
  • Taking personalisation to new heights
  • Driving cross-selling and upselling opportunities
  • Boosting agent productivity

This article highlights the transformative impact of AI in improving customer satisfaction. It will demonstrate how leading companies in the Asia Pacific are using Genesys solutions to leap ahead of the competition and maximise business results.

“…the question is no longer how this technology [AI] works, but what it can do for you.” – Harvard Business Review

Enabling always-on customer services

In today’s hyper-connected digital environment, consumers benchmark brand experience against the best in the world. In attempting to ensure 24/7 customer services, organisations face one of three challenges:

  • Business continuity – Having multiple sites and teams are taking on new meaning in 2020 amid the unprecedented disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic on normal business operations. Apart from work-from-home solutions, self-service options, previously unavailable, are now emerging as standard offerings.
  • Round-the-clock support costs – Demand for always-on customer services continues to rise as businesses scale above and beyond their markets.
  • Spikes in call volumes – Inability to address call volume surges during peak seasons, (annual sales, festive periods), and unprecedented challenges (outages, health crisis).

The Genesys AI-powered chatbots proactively connect with customers for more intuitive, speedier customer support services. Virtual agents provide natural language processing capabilities enabling customers to interact in an innate human way. It allows businesses to understand the intent behind what the customer is saying, maintaining context and delivering an appropriate response. A clear advantage of the AI-enabled virtual agents is its ability to recognise and predict customer frustration, immediately escalating complex interactions and issues to human agents, while handling routine tasks. The speed, accuracy, and 24-hour availability of voice bots and chatbots are bringing huge benefits in terms of augmenting human capabilities rather than replacing them.

#1 TOT meets soaring call volumes with Genesys and Google Contact Centre AI

TOT Public Company Limited is a state-owned telecommunications and digital services provider in Thailand. Laying the foundation for telecommunications in Thailand for over 60 years, TOT has always strived towards customer experience excellence.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, call volumes at TOT contact centres surged by two to three times. As a service provider operating on behalf of the government, TOT had to manage the fragile balance between empathy and timely information with anxious citizens and businesses seeking clarity on government actions in response to the health crisis.

It needed a solution that could scale rapidly and optimise agent resources. The combination of the Genesys Cloud and Google’s AI-powered virtual agent helped overcome soaring call volumes and take the pressure off the agents. The virtual agent has increased first-call resolution rates by augmenting the tasks of human agents to ensure superior customer experiences.


  • 1-2 min reduction in call average handle times
  • Improved agent readiness when assisting customers
  • Use of AI-enabled voice bots and chatbots eased spikes in call volumes

“During the spread of COVID-19, we found that the number of customer interactions increased two to three times than before. Genesys Cloud helps us in covering the extra volume of customer contact. We know we can’t keep adding agents in our contact centre facility. For us, automation – like voice or chatbot technology – is part of the self-service modernisation.” – K. Santhiphap Phoemmongkhonsap, Senior Director, Cloud and Digital, TOT Public Company Limited

Taking personalisation to new heights

Consumers today expect to be treated as an individual rather than just another customer. Your organisation’s ability to customise services and offers specifically to customer preferences can make a huge difference in attaining higher levels of customer engagement and satisfaction. AI is taking personalisation to a higher level by combining predictive analytics in building a 360-view of each customer. AI-powered personalisation for customers means:

  • No information overload – tell me only what is important to me to meet my needs.
  • Connecting with me on a channel of my choice depending on the context and availability.
  • Anticipating my needs and proactively reaching out when I need it the most while respecting my privacy.
  • Connecting me with the agent best-equipped to address my specific need.

Personalisation could also be a hygiene factor (reducing employee dissatisfaction through data-driven insights) in accurately anticipating future customer behaviour and predicting purchases.

The Genesys AI-driven Predictive Engagement integrates real-time and historic data to get a clearer picture of customers. The data insights enable brands to deliver messaging and experiences that resonate the most with each customer across all channels towards the path of purchase. The solution also segments interactions to provide the right response at the right moment using the best-suited agent.

89% of digital businesses are investing in personalisation. – Forrester Research

#2 Singapore Airlines personalises online travel experience with Genesys Engage

Singapore Airlines (SIA) maintains a strong reputation of not only being the best in service excellence, but also in providing travellers with personalised and omnichannel experiences. SIA has set its vision on becoming the world’s leading digital airline.

SIA adopted the Genesys Engage solution to connect its customer-facing teams – from marketing and sales to services and support – onto a unified system with integration of new applications and services when needed. By blending call, email and webchat functions, the omnichannel solution enabled the airline to offer enhanced inbound and outbound engagement, thereby growing brand loyalty and improving customer satisfaction.

A key innovation at SIA is Kris, a Google-based chatbot accessible via Facebook Messenger. Kris works hand-in-hand with the Genesys Engage solution and routes more complex enquiries to a human agent to immediately take over the conversation and provide a quick response. The Genesys Engage solution empowers agents to manage interactions with supporting context and knowledge, made possible through integration with CRM systems, knowledge bases, and other applications.


  • More service personalisation and improved brand loyalty Real-time reporting and resource matching
  • Increased agent efficiency and collaboration
  • Real-time reporting and resource matching
  • Higher query resolution rates through effective use of channels (e.g. live chat)

“Our customers come from all walks of life. Our customer contact service operations must be geared up to serve all of their needs. These types of services and functionalities are really only possible if we have the right technology platform.” – Marvin Tan, Senior VP, Customer Services and Operations Singapore Airlines

Driving cross-selling and upselling opportunities

Customers seek instant gratification and an effortless way to purchase and consume services. Digital is a key enabler in providing consumers with a plethora of choices. However, the many friction points in a customer purchase journey also lead to high shopping cart abandonment rates. The Asia Pacific, in particular, has a high abandonment rate of 52%4, indicating huge opportunity loss for companies to convert customers who showed interest in their product previously. A good percentage of lost opportunities can be converted into revenue. Additionally, companies have tremendous potential to increase the attach rates of their products and services. Companies can grow revenues through:

  • Timely interventions via digital channels to improve overall conversion rates.
  • Empowering agents with insights to support upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

According to Forrester Research, companies that effectively use AI can expect revenue increases of 5% to 10%.

The predictive engagement solution from Genesys transforms website sales conversions using AI and machine learning. The solution helps separate buyers from visitors, zeroes-in on common sticking points and serves up information when needed most. Knowledge of users allows companies to engage with them in real-time and orchestrate unique experiences that keep them engaged. Companies can also use data to build decision-modelling that consistently improve, allowing them to adjust to customers’ changing needs and behaviours.

“$325 billion goes begging in the Asia Pacific due to sales friction.” – Facebook IQ and Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

#3 Vodafone achieves improved conversion and new revenues through digital assistance

Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA), touted as Australia’s largest telecommunications and Internet industry participant with over 22 million mobile network users, prioritises a happyto-help attitude as the cornerstone of its high customer experience standards.

Challenged continually to provide the best experiences for its customers, VHA deployed the Genesys Predictive Engagement to offer personalised customer experiences by ensuring delivery of online support at the right time and place.

Predictive engagement capability enables VHA to target online customers that need support and keep them on digitally assisted chat, so they do not need to steer off to call the contact centre. This functionality has helped generate new revenue streams by targeting accessory journeys on chat, resulting in digitally assisted sales.


  • Maximised conversions on digital and digital assisted channels
  • Generated new revenue streams via digitally assisted accessory sales

“With Predictive Engagement, we are now targeting customers at the point that they need our help, and therefore, maximising our conversion on our digital-assisted and digital channels.” – Jarrod Creagh, Head of Workforce Optimisation and Care Platforms, Vodafone Australia

Boosting agent productivity

Reducing the cost to serve and efforts to bring contact centres onshore are twin factors spurring investments in solutions to improve agent productivity and customer experience. Contact centre agent efficiencies are often impeded by:

  • Poorly integrated complex applications, resulting in increased average handle times
  • Repetitive and time-consuming tasks
  • Internal silos which result in poorly informed decisions
  • Considerable wastage in unmanaged wait times
  • Poor scheduling and routing leading to overworked agents

Genesys Predictive Routing and Workforce Engagement Management are powered by AI and machine learning technologies. The Predictive Routing tool, combined with Predictive DNA, shares information on the routing platform and agent profiles to improve employee effectiveness. It uses data to deliver targeted support empowering employees to work according to their strengths.

The Workforce optimisation solutions help improve accuracy and efficiency of work plans with automation while providing employees with a flexible and easy-to-use interface to navigate their schedules.

#4 FE CREDIT delivers superior employee productivity with AI powered Workforce Optimisation

FE CREDIT, Vietnam’s largest unsecured consumer lender with 53% market share and 4,500 agents, leverages the Genesys performance management tool to proactively monitor agent performance in real-time, enabling it to maximise operating efficiencies with reduced wait times and dropped-call rates.

With Genesys Workforce Management, FE CREDIT can forecast inbound call volumes based on historical data and suggest agent headcounts by intervals for automatic scheduling.

The predictive routing feature enables FE CREDIT to obtain valuable insights about customer demand, allowing the system to intelligently route the customer to the agent with the right skill sets to handle their queries. All touchpoints created along the journey become seamlessly integrated into the CRM for further analysis.


  • 30% increase in customer connect probability score
  • 85-90% increase in service levels

#5 Home Credit China reduces OPEX dramatically by improving agent work efficiency

Home Credit China (HCC) is a leading provider of consumer finance in China – with over 60 million customers – and operating more than 260,000 point-of-sale locations. To provide employees with more control over their schedules, HCC explored a solution to streamline its workforce management processes.

HCC embraced the unconventional use of the Genesys Workforce Management, a multichannel strategy of mixed outbound (ability of agents to handle inbound and outbound at the same time). The system would allocate outbound calls intelligently to optimise agent workloads and yield an ideal outbound staffing model. Agent work efficiency was maximised during the calling and waiting process. The use of intelligent outbound system has also improved work efficiency and enabled HCC agents to enhance cross-department and international cooperation.


  • 54% improvement in schedule adherence
  • 40% increase in work efficiency
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