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AirAsia ransomware attack by Daixin Team

Updated on 2022-11-22

The Daixin Team claimed to have gained access to the personal data of five million unique passengers and employees of AirAsia. The threat actor published sample data containing booking IDs. Read more: Daixin Ransomware Gang Steals 5 Million AirAsia Passengers’ and Employees’ Data

Updated on 2022-11-21: AirAsia ransomware attack

Malaysian airline AirAsia was the victim of a ransomware attack earlier this month. According to a report in, the company was hit by the Daixin Team ransomware group, which claims to have stolen data on more than five million of the airline’s passengers, data they are now threatening to leak online. Read more: AirAsia victim of ransomware attack, passenger and employee data acquired

Updated on 2022-10-24: #StopRansomware Alert from CISA, FBI, HHS: Daixin Team

A joint alert from the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) warns about the activity of the Daixin cybercrime group, which has been targeting healthcare-related organizations with ransomware. The alert includes indicators of compromised (IoCs) and suggested mitigations.


  • Initial access is gained by VPN servers; either exploiting a weakness or leveraging captured credentials. Then lateral movement leverages RDP and SSH. A good first step here is to make sure that your VPN is MFA required. While you’re verifying that is the case, make sure that they are being patched and updated. Nobody likes an interruption of the VPN, and the breach hurts more. Keep your VPN current, and don’t leave the old-unsupported (exploitable) units around “just in case;” make sure lifecycle includes sufficient redundancy for fail-over during maintenance windows.


Overview: Daixin Team

CISA, the FBI, and the HHS published an advisory on Daixin Team, a cybercrime group that has been predominantly targeting US healthcare companies with ransomware and data extortion operations. Read more: Alert (AA22-294A) #StopRansomware: Daixin Team

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