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Six Steps for Digital Business Transformation

Digital technology is disrupting the traditional business model. Mobile devices, big data, analytics, social media, and other trends require new business designs to capitalize on the new revenue opportunities they present. Is your organization prepared to become a “digital business?”

Read on to discover the six steps CIOs and business leaders can take to build a successful digital business and gain an advantage in the marketplace by turning technology from supporting player to leader of innovation, revenue, and market growth:

Step 1: Create the right mindset and a shared understanding among key decision makers across the enterprise.

Step 2: Put the right leaders in place to form the core leadership team that will drive the necessary transformation.

Step 3: Launch a digital business center of excellence to assess business capabilities and to respond to opportunities and threats.

Step 4: Create a digital business strategy that will provide guidance on the priorities and investments for a successful response to digital opportunities and threats.

Step 5: Find, develop or acquire the necessary knowledge, competencies and skills to execute on the digital business strategy.

Step 6: Create new business capabilities required to play and win in the digital age.

Read more recommendations and key findings from Gartner whitepaper [Six Key Steps to Building a Successful Digital Business]

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