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12 Statistic that Keep Marketers Struggle about Content and Impact to Sales Cycle

Marketers are tired of asking, “Are sales using the latest content and is it impacting the sales cycle?” You have every right to be tired as these statistics demonstrate:

  • 52% of marketers struggle with message consistency
  • 65% of content never gets used by sales
  • 76% of marketers think their assets are helpful. Only 46% of sales reps agree

12 Statistic that Keep Marketers Struggle about Content and Impact to Sales Cycle

It’s time to eliminate those sleepless nights. See how organizations deliver content to sales that’s easy to find and use, ensure they use only the latest and greatest content and provide visibility into how engaged buyers are – down to the page-by-page level. Check out this article 12 Stats That Keep Marketers Awake at Night .. and what to do about it.

Every year, you’re asked to deliver more content with less budget. Sound familiar? But before you dive into another year, take a pulse on your fundamentals:

Are reps using your content?
Can reps find the content they need?
Are your reps prepared to use your content?
Are you measuring content ROI?

Are reps using your content?

  • While 76% of marketers think their assets are helpful to sales, only 46% of sales reps agree.
  • 65% of content never gets used by sales.
  • 90% of B2B sales reps won’t use content because it’s irrelevant, outdated, and difficult to customize.

With content proliferation at an all time high, breaking through the noise with interactive and compelling content that engages buyers and moves conversations forward is critical. Sales and marketing teams need a single sales hub that centralizes content storage across email, video, audio, and templates – while also enabling easy collaboration, personalization, content updates and expiration.

Can reps find the content they need?

  • 74% of organizations don’t manage sales content effectively.
  • 88% of reps can’t find critical sales content on their mobile devices.
  • 22% of sales reps’ time is spent searching for content.

Reps struggle to find the most relevant content, especially when they’re working on the go. Equip sales with the collateral and tools to deliver compelling presentations with powerful visuals and rich media — from anywhere, and from any device.

Are your reps prepared to use your content?

  • 52% of managers don’t believe their teams are delivering consistent messages.
  • More than 70% of sellers are unprepared for buyer questions or to share relevant content.
  • 80% of reps focus on features & functions rather than tailoring content to buyer needs and challenges.

Even with all your collateral stored in a single place, reps can still struggle to find the right content to engage prospects quickly respond to buyer needs. Help reps find the top content by sales stage, role, industry — or the criteria that makes sense for your sales process. Enable reps to focus on their conversation and be more responsive to buyer needs and spend less time spinning their wheels searching for content.

Are you measuring content ROI?

  • 82% of CMOs have revenue goals, but 93% don’t even track sales content usage
  • 49% of marketers need to measure content effectiveness, but only 21% track ROI
  • 70% of marketers created more content than the prior year, but 55% of sales reps create their own content

What’s the best measure of content ROI? Immediate, direct feedback from customers — at a detailed level, on how specific messages resonate and how content performs in different channels. This feedback loop highlights what content is engaging buyers & closing deals and what content is falling short, enabling real-time campaign testing and iteration on your best-performing content.

Source: ClearSlide

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