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State of the Modern Meeting

The way we work has changed with technology delivering unparalleled access, collaboration and communication opportunities and meetings are catching up. We spend more than half our days in meetings… its time to make them matter.

Make your meeting matter
94% say face-to-face communications improve business relationships and 6% have even fallen asleep in audio-only meetings. Video conferencing is the answer – leading to explosive growth in video. Blue Jeans video meetings are up nearly 400% for the year.

No face time, no deal
71% say they lost a deal due to lack of face-to-face interaction. If an in-person meeting is not an option: 54% of business professionals prefer video; 8% use web conferencing as a last resort.

Modern meeting mania
While no time, day or place can hide from the modern meeting, a few “no-meeting zones” are on the rise.
45 minutes, almost 5 participants = Average meeting
Peak time: 10am – 2pm is when nearly half of all meetings occurs.
Tuesdays + Wednesday are the most popular with 41% of meetings.
Meeting the holiday hangover. While there is a 60% reduction in meetings the day before a holiday, the meeting bill comes due with a 118% increase in meetings the day after a holiday.
Starting off strong: Q1 2014 is poised to be the busiest meeting season of the year with post-holiday spike and 25% more meetings taking place in February than any other time of the year.
No meeting zone. Weekend meetings have declined by more than a third in the past six months, from one in 10 to one in 15 meetings. Professionals are also taking back the lunch hour with a 20% decline in meetings from noon to 1pm.

Web and mobile enable whenever meetings
People join video meetings from a multitude of devices. Technology advancements like WebRTC and two-way cameras are making meetings happen from any location. 90% of Blue Jeans desktop and laptop users join meetings with a web browser instead of proprietary systems like Skype.
– 51% connect via web browser
– 30% of meetings include a mobile participant
– 20% connect via a room system

The great American Meeting – Always late but worth the wait
Meetings in the midwest are more likely to start on time than meetings on the East or West Coasts. CEOs, CTOs and Founders are still most often late to meetings.Women can have it all… All the meetings
Women lead the meeting charge. Women attend 14% more meetings than men (up from 11%) and are 12% more likely than men to attend meetings on the weekend.Modern meetings save money and miles
2.1 billion miles and $1.3 billion saved Up more than 100% in the past 6 months
Companies and professionals are collaborating across the globe, most frequently from Dubai, Singapore, San Francisco, New York and Prague.
The US and UK meting connections is strong. 77% of normal meeting volume is maintained with UK even during US holidays.

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