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[Special Offer] Alibaba Cloud Galaxy Program for IT Service Providers

Building successful businesses for small and medium-sized IT service providers globally. Alibaba Cloud is always on the lookout to support local IT service providers in coming up with the best performance application that adds values to end-user clients, helping local enterprises and businesses thrive in their Cloud Transformation!

[Special Offer] Alibaba Cloud Galaxy Program for IT Service Providers

[Special Offer] Alibaba Cloud Galaxy Program for IT Service Providers

Alibaba Cloud Galaxy Program (AGP) is an ISV program designed for small and medium-sized IT service providers globally. By providing top-of-the-line cloud products, technical enablement, and go-to-market resources, help local IT service providers thrive in the market and eventually become full-fledged Alibaba Cloud partners.

  • 40,000 vCPU Investment: Alibaba Cloud offers 40,000 vCPU resources to help the IT service providers to lower their operating costs and ultimately attract more users. Each company that joins AGP will get tailored cloud resources and discounts according to their business size and goals.
  • Infinite Possibility Built Upon ApsaraDB: Rich database engines are available on Alibaba Cloud for your different requirements. Easy auto-scaling and cost reduction can be applied through extreme elasticity ability offered by cloud-native technology with the assurance of computing performance and stability.
  • Alibaba Cloud provides comprehensive technical plans that include 14 digital training sessions and 10 online labs for AGP members, also offer exclusive discounts on Alibaba Cloud professional cloud certificates for AGP members.
  • Go-to-Market Support: Leverage co-branding opportunities such as webinars, offline meetups, cloud conferences, success stories and marketing campaigns. IT service providers can also be featured on the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace after becoming approved partners.

Who can apply for Alibaba Cloud Galaxy Program?

  • Business Scope: Companies who provide IT solutions to end-users and organizations, or sell commercial IT software or applications.
  • Major Services: Including but not limited to software, applications, web hosting, digital marketing, enterprise IT systems, and big data and AI services.
  • Company Size: Companies with less than 50 employees.
  • Customer Profile: Focusing mainly on enterprise customers, with at least 80% of your customers are companies.

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What do you get from the Galaxy Program?

  • Get 40% off ECS instances (up to 10 instances) & selected ApsaraDB products when you first joined
  • Enjoy various Database Products at attractive rates
  • Received Technical Enablement from Alibaba Cloud Experts, 50% off for ACA and ACP Examination, FREE Alibaba Cloud Trainings on Cloud Computing, Security and Big Data
  • Receive Go-to-Market Support when you reach a certain sales volume, have access to joint marketing opportunities.

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