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Somnia ransomware

Updated on 2022-11-14

CERT-UA confirmed that Russian hacktivists, tracked as UAC-0118, compromised multiple Ukrainian organizations with the new Somnia ransomware strain. Read more: Ukraine says Russian hacktivists use new Somnia ransomware

Updated on 2022-11-13: Somnia ransomware

Ukraine’s CERT team has released details and IOCs about a new strain of ransomware—named Somnia—deployed in recent attacks against Ukrainian organizations. CERT-UA officials said they linked the malware to a group of Russian hackers known as FRwL (aka Z-Team), which the agency tracks as UAC-0118. Read more: Інформація щодо кібератак групи UAC-0118 (FRwL) з використанням шкідливої програми Somnia (CERT-UA#5185)


A data breach at New York-based anesthesia management services company Somnia affected the personal details of 430,000 people from 20 anesthesiology practices. Read more: Vendor Hack Tied to 20 Anesthesiology Practice Breaches

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