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[Solved] vRealize Automation 7.x Installation Validation failed for “Retry All IaaS” operation

Initial installation of vRealize Automation 7.x fails with Validation failed status for Retry All IaaS operation results in an message in the Description field that is similar to: An item with the same key has already been added. Follow below workaround to clear the system of this message.


Step 1: SSH into vRealize Automation appliance in which is the master postgres node:
su postgres
\c vcac

Step 2: Run the following SQL update statement on the embedded vPostgres database:
UPDATE cluster_commands set output='' where type like '%install%';

Step 3: Re-initiate Retry All IaaS operation again.


VMware Knowledge Base: Initial installation of vRealize Automation 7.x fails with a “Validation failed” status for the “Retry All IaaS” operation (59812)

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