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Solved: How do I fix MAC Address not detected over VPN?


This article describes the behavior where a MAC Address is not detected when a client connects over managed VPN.

This can occur when Agent information is either not received or not processed.


FortiAC version 8.x, and 9.x.


Step 1: Ensure the agent traffic is reaching the appliance.

Step 2: If agent the traffic is reaching the appliance, enable debug for Agent communication. In appliance CLI type:

nacdebug –name PersistentAgent true <----- If using Persistent Agent.
nacdebug –name AgentServer true <----- If using Dissolvable Agent.
tail -F /bsc/logs/output.nessus

Step 3: Have client connect.

Step 4: Type Ctrl-C to stop tail.

Step 5: Disable debug:

nacdebug –name PersistentAgent false
nacdebug –name AgentServer false

Step 6: In /bsc/logs/output.nessus output, look for ‘PAConnectionStatus’. There should be messages for the MAC address for the remote user.

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