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Solved: How do I configure Azure routing to Site-to-Site?


I have an Azure environment ( which has a Site-to-Site towards an on-prem environment ( I have some extra subnets ( and on the on-prem environment that I want to make available to the Azure machines.

Is it correct that I have to create a routing table containing the extra on-prem routes ( and, pointing to the gateway), and attach it to the subnet, so that it gets routed to our on-prem router? I have tried that, but it seems that it then drops the existing default azure routes (towards internet and

We have about 40 subnets that needs to be available over the Site-to-Site (both on-prem local networks and some remote networks over separate VPNs), do we need to add them all as a Phase 2 SA on the Site-to-Site?


If you edit the local network gateway you have; this is where you add the IPs:

Yes, you will need to specify the source and destination Subnets on your Router/Firewall VPN.


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