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New Excel Software Utility Converts Excel Files to PDF In Bulk

A new free software product that helps to merge all kinds of Excel files into one single file (PDF). With this excel software utility, you can be sure of speed, precision, and efficiency.

New Excel Software Utility Converts Excel Files to PDF In Bulk

New Excel Software Utility Converts Excel Files to PDF In Bulk

We are often faced with excel spreadsheets and workbooks in our daily office work and there is a need to convert these files and worksheets to PDF format.

A team of programmers in the bid to make work more convenient came up with a solution to this challenge, they are thrilled to introduce you to their new freeware tool excel merger.

Batch Excel to PDF converter is a program that converts excel, XLSX, XLS, PPTX/PPT, DOC, and several other formats to PDF files in bulk. The beautiful part is that you do not need to have Microsoft office installed before you can get this done. You can also convert every single worksheet in the excel file to a separate PDF or merge all excel workbooks and files into one single PDF with batch excel to PDF converter.

The software can be run in English, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Czech, Korean, Danish, Spanish, and several other languages.

Although the latest Microsoft excel version provides the feature that saves a workbook as a PDF file, it becomes quite worrisome when users have to convert dozens of excel files to PDF. Batch Excel to PDF converter is a software solution with the primary aim of making things much easier by batch exporting excel files to PDF format.

Here are some interesting features of the excel merger tool:

  1. Merge several excel files into one single excel file.
  2. Combine wordbooks and spreadsheets to one spreadsheet in one worksheet in bulk.
  3. Merge multiple excel files and spreadsheets to one spreadsheet in one excel file.
  4. Merge parts of all worksheets by setting a range.
  5. Combine table rows and columns in bulk files.
  6. Support mixed merging XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV, and XML formats.
  7. Export to XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV and XML formats.
  8. Merge files and workbooks in ultra-fast mode.
  9. Office or Microsoft Excel is not required.
  10. Small file size, less than or equal to 3MB.
  11. Multi language supported.
  12. Support change PDF paper size and orientation.
  13. Support owner password and open password protection.

The programmers of the batch excel to PDF converter believe that workplaces are going to be more digitalized hence are out to ensure how office work can be done easily and at the same time efficiently. With the batch excel to PDF converter you can be guaranteed speed and precision when dealing with documents. They aim to help businesses optimize communication and workflow with their employees, increasing their efficiency and productivity through innovative yet intuitive technology.

Batch Excel to PDF converter is focused on optimizing all existing functions and plans to be the most powerful document management tool for both individuals and business users soon.

Alex Lim is a certified IT Technical Support Architect with over 15 years of experience in designing, implementing, and troubleshooting complex IT systems and networks. He has worked for leading IT companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco, providing technical support and solutions to clients across various industries and sectors. Alex has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the National University of Singapore and a master’s degree in information security from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also the author of several best-selling books on IT technical support, such as The IT Technical Support Handbook and Troubleshooting IT Systems and Networks. Alex lives in Bandar, Johore, Malaysia with his wife and two chilrdren. You can reach him at [email protected] or follow him on Website | Twitter | Facebook

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