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Social Networkers: We’re Overwhelmed

People are becoming overloaded with juggling multiple social networks and email accounts

– 51% visit/log on more frequently to social networking sites now than 2 years ago.
– Currently manage 3.1 email addresses on average (up from 2.6 last year)
– 27% check their social networks first thing as soon as they wake up.
– 35% spend 31+ minutes per day on social networking sites and reading / responding to personal email.
– 42% have multiple social networking accounts – 61% for those 18-34.

More than half of social networkers are experiencing FOMO, or are considering taking a break from social media altogether.

– 56% are afraid of missing something such as event, news, important status update if they don’t keep an eye on their social networks.

People want to pull the plug
– 52% have either taken or considered taking a “vacation” from one or more social networks in the past year.
– 24% plan to stop or take a break/”vacation” from using at least one of their social networks this year – 31% for those 18-34.

Those planning to stop or take a break / “vacation” from using at least one of their social networks this year blame irrelevant updates and lack of time.
– 41% because social network updates weren’t relevant or important.
– 32% because too much time spent on social networks.

Social media remains important … on our terms
– Nearly 3 in 5 (58%) wish there was a solution to help them use, monitor and protect all of their social networking profiles and emails at once.
– Respondents would most like to see celebrity updates disappear from their social networking feeds, above petitions, selfies and food porn.
– Women who are a member of more than one social networking site (55%) are more likely to use social media to reconnect with people from the past than men (42%)
– More than a quarter (26%) would be willing to give up cigarettes or reality TV in exchange for social media. Only 3% would be willing to trade sex for social media.

LinkIn adoption has increased among those who are currently a member of at least one social networking site – 29% in 2013 vs. 22% in 2012.

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