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SMBs Digital Marketing Trends

How are mobile and social tools transforming the Way SMBs acquire and retain customers? The latest findings from the Local Commerce Monitor (LCM – Wave 17), BIA/Kelsey’s ongoing study of the advertising behaviors of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), indicate SMBs are increasingly embracing mobile and social platforms for improving operational efficiencies and promotion.

SMBs Going mobile
– 40% SMBs accept payments at the point of sale with a mobile credit card reader attached to a smartphone or tablet.
– 16% SMBs plan to add this capability within the next 12 months.
– 32% SMBs use some form of mobile advertising to promote their businesses (up from 28% in 2012)

SMBs Getting Social
– 72% SMBs use social media to promote their businesses.
– 52% SMBs have a Facebook page for their business.
– SMBs have a Google+ Local page for their business.
– 66% SMBs say they are “extremely engaged” or “very engaged” with customers on social media.