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Simple Guide to Instagram Hashtags

What are hashtags and why should I use them?
The #, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords in a post. In other words, they organize and promote topics and can help you influence conversation and find a target audience.

Which #hashtags to use?
Ones that:

Find groups of hashtags by topic at:

How many should I use?
You can use up to 30, but using too many appears spammy so stay between 2 and 5.

How to actually do it…
Method 1: Comment
Add descriptive hashtags in a comment after your post.
* For even more engagement, delete them and refresh with new hashtags after a few days.

Method 2: Contest
Select a single hashtag and encourage photo submissions.

Still not convinced?

  • Posts with hashtags generated 10% more likes than those without.
  • Instagram has recently passed Twitter as #2 social network, while generating 58x the engagement of Facebook and 120x the engagement of Twitter.


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