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10 Signs WordPress Site may be Hacked

Invalid Login
– WordPress doesn’t recognize your account.
– You don’t receive the message to change password.
– Your combination is not working.

Infographic will explain the 10 signs that your wordpress site might have been hacked.

Infographic will explain the 10 signs that your wordpress site might have been hacked.

Malignant Content in WordPress site
– You see unfamiliar content on your site.
– The theme and plugin files are changed.
– The look of the website is drastically modified.

Suspicious Visits
– Google Analytics shows suspicious visitors from unknown places.
– You see new promotion links released in the wild.
– Scanning the website shows malicious code in the website.

Sudden Fall in Traffic
– Sudden drop in the number of visits.
– Google blacklisted your site.
– Visiting the website redirect the traffic to some other place.

Strange Result in Search Engine
– You notice that search results in Google and other search engines are strange.
– Title and meta data is different.
– Your Google Webmasters Tools shows the last login from strange location or user.

Fault in getting and sending Emails
– Your server is spamming everyone else.
– You are not able to send or receive new emails from your WordPress.
– This can be a clear sign that you got hacked. Check your email once again, then check it with your provider to make sure that there aren’t any errore.

Website doesn’t Exist
Website redirect users or your email is spamming.
– You find your website crashes suddenly and everything deleted from the server.
– The backups is not showing on the website.

Unknown Files in Root Folder
– All of your WordPress files missing.
– You notice extra files within your root folder.
– Files and activities missing.

Unknown Member as Registered User
– You see a new member is added to the website.
– No alarm was triggered during the adding of new member.
– An extra admin rights are set and looks suspicious.

Modification in Scheduled Events
– You noticed scheduled events on the website without your knowledge.
– Your website behave weird.
– Scanning shows unwanted code embedded in the source.

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