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SHEIN fined for 2018 breach

Updated on 2022-10-17: Shein owner fined for covering up data breach

Speaking of 2018… some 39 million customers should’ve been notified of a 2018 data breach involving their information from online fashion giant Shein, but weren’t, according to the New York attorney general’s office, which has fined the company $1.9 million as a result. Shein’s parent company Zoetop was breached in 2018 leading to the theft of login details of all of its customers. But New York’s AG says Zoetop lied and notified “only a fraction” of affected customers. And the BBC News has the story. Read more: Shein owner Zoetop fined $1.9m over data breach response


The New York Attorney General’s Office has fined retailer SHINE $1.9 million for its 2018 data breach, during which hackers stole details on 6.42 million customers. Read more:

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