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SEO Content Marketing What You Need To Know and Do

In the wake of continuous search quality updates targeting both on-site and off-site signals, high quality content is an essential element of any long-term SEO strategy. Quality content alone is however not enough in today’s very competitive online environment. A comprehensive content marketing strategy is the key to sustainable SEO.

Here’s what you need to know about content marketing and SEO…

What does you the industry think?
– 92% of SEO’s say content creation is effective for SEO
– In comparison, only 40% say white papers are effective
– 76% of SEO’s regularly invest in content creation

What content do marketers spend the most time producing?
Blog posts, guides and social media posting are the most commonly created content forms, whilst audio and podcasts are the least popular…

The social impact of content
Quality content creation and promotion encourages social sharing, which is fast becoming a recognised ranking factor across search engines.
– Google are increasingly using +1’s as a ranking factor
– Bing currently uses Facebook Likes as a ranking factor
– Tweets help Google index content much faster
– 1 in 5 social media messages include links to content
– 90% of search markerters believe social signals at a page level will increase in importance as a ranking factor.
– 72% of SEO’s engage in social marketing as part of their daily work.

Content, brand signals and conversions
Good content is far more likely to be shared, increasing brand mentions and natural links exponentially
– 27 million pieces of online content are shared via the web (social media, blogs, email and content aggregation sites) each and every day in 2012.
– 60% of industry-specific content sharing messages mention a brand by name.

Quality, well research and promoted content produces scalable natural links, which are limited only by the level of interest around the content (unlike more traditional SEO methods, which tend to build one link at a time). The majority of the natural links gained are usually brand name links, increasing brand signals in Google’s eyes and making you more of an authority in your niche.

Good content also has a dramatic impact on conversion rates:
– 52% of consumers who say blogs have impacted purchasing decisions.
– 57% of online marketers who have acquired new customers via their blog.
– 50% the improved likelihood of conversion on products with video.
– 61% of consumers who are more likely to purchase goods from a site with custom content.

Value and Future of Content Marketing
Content increases site quality, and therefore perceived value to users
– 94% of marketers believe that analysis of a site’s perceived value to users will increase in importance as a ranking factor.
– 56% of marketers believe that content marketing will continue to grow.

Creating Highly Shareable Content:
– Convert and re-purpose dry text into visually engaging content (such as infographics, ebooks, etc) to improve user engagement.
– Provide consistently informative, well-researched content that generates long-term interest.
– Develop a unique voice and style. Take a provocative stance or add humour where appropriate.
– Provide detailed content on a topic that has not ben widely covered, as scarcity of information increases demand.
– Attribute information to factual sources (trustworthy content is more confidently shared)
– Link out generously, which will encourage sharing by setting a good example and increasing trustworthiness.
– Embed video in blog posts and web pages and improve general user experience.
– Display attractive and intuitive social-sharing buttons – make it easy for users to share.
– Give users an incentive to share your content, whether that’s further information, discounts or additional content.
– Try incorporating a social payment system, allowing users access to additional content in return for a social mention.

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