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Security researcher lands $70,000 for Google Pixel lock-screen bypass

Updated on 2022-11-13: Security researcher lands $70,000 for Google Pixel lock-screen bypass

A vulnerability in all Google Pixel phones allowed anyone to easily bypass the lock screen, according to @xdavidhu. The bug was fixed on November 5 in an Android security update and tracked as CVE-2022-20465. The bug can be exploited with physical access to a phone, and by swapping in a new SIM and entering its PUK code. Read more:

Overview: Major Google Pixel lock screen bypass

Security researcher David Schütz found a way to bypass the lock screen of all Google Pixel smartphones that works against all forms of lock screen protection. The attack works only if the attacker knows a SIM card’s PUK code. The vulnerability was patched in this month’s Android security updates, as CVE-2022-20465, and Schütz said he received a $70,000 bug bounty reward from Google for his finding.



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