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Securing Mobile Workforce

Workforce Mobility is more popular than ever. For many businesses, it is not only a perk, but a strategic initiative. Having a mobile workforce doesn’t mean compromising on security, but it does require IT to rethink its security posture to take into account increased risks, training employees, ensuring best practices are instituted and having an actionable plan when things go wrong.

Today’s Mobile Employees

29% of the global workforce is comprised of “anytime, anywhere information workers”

Benefits of a Mobile Workforce

1. Higher productivity

  • Remote workers log an average of 4 more hours per week than, and were more engaged than their in-office colleagues.
  • A recent study found that remote call center workers were 13.5% more productive when working from home.
  • At-home work is not affected by inclement weather and office power / Internet outages.

2. Cost savings

  • “Hoteling” workers, or offering non assigned desks when an employee is in the office, allows businesses to reduce office space and office supply costs.
  • BYOD policies can mean lower hardware budgets.

Hidden Security Costs of Mobility

  • Physical security
  • Device misplacement
  • Insecure wireless access points
  • Prying eyes

4 out of 10 employees may be working remotely without IT being fully aware.

Security Measures you need to take

1. Physical security

  • Laptop locks
  • Privacy filters
  • Biometrics
  • Full disk encryption
  • BIOS-level security

2. Infrastructure to support secure remote work

  • VPNs
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Remote wipe
  • Device management
  • Access control monitoring

3. Educate employees about safety steps
Once you’ve decided on the physical and infrastructure security strategy, it is key to plan an educational strategy and set clear policies around what is and isn’t acceptable. Education has to become a part of the company fabric and employees need to receive regular updates regarding security measures, guidance and trends.

Source from Penton

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