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The Secret World Legends Relaunch Free to Play Shared-World Action RPG

Funcom announce relaunch massively-multiplayer online (MMO) role-playing game The Secret World this spring with major revamp. The Secret World will now be known as Secret World Legends, going free-to-play as Shared-World Action RPG with revamped combat, new progression and updated visuals.

Today we’re writing to you to announce that The Secret World will be relaunching this spring as Secret World Legends, a shared-world action RPG featuring over 100 hours of story-driven quests and revamped gameplay and progression systems that will be completely free to play.

Letter from Executive Producer Scott Junior.

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Agartha (The World Hub) has been completely redesigned. We have made improvements to visuals like character models, character heads, combat effects/animations, lighting in playfields, and we’ve increased view distance in some playfields. Keep in mind these are improvements, not a generational jump in graphics. We are still using the original graphics engine.

Spokesperson for Funcom told Eurogamer.

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Funcom says it will feature:

a redesigned combat system to make action feel more natural, more intuitive systems to interact with, enhanced visuals, and an improved flow of the quests, as well as the structure of the early game for new players.

Players who’ve spent time and money in the original version of The Secret World will be able to transfer over their character and certain vanity items. The Secret World will also retain a server to itself though it’s safe to assume Secret World Legends is where Funcom’s focus will be from here on out.

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Closed beta for Secret World Legends kicks off today available for sign up to participate.

Source: Announcing: Secret World Legends

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