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Searching for a home online – How Internet has changed the way people search for homes

The information below shows graphically and sequentially just how big an impact online and mobile searches for homes make. For those of you out there missing out on opportunity, the most convincing statistic below is, nearly everyone starts their home search online. Think about this as you browse the graphic.

– 90% of people use the internet to begin their home search.

– How the internet is used throughout the search? Maps, Mobile Applications, Search Engines and Websites.

– 253% growth in real estate related searched in the past 4 years.

– 11 searched is an average, a person performs prior to taking action.

States with the highest number of online queries for first time buyers
#1 Delaware
#2 Louisiana
#3 Mississippi
#4 South Dakota
#5 Wyoming

Top states for vacation home searches
#1 Florida
#2 Ohio
#3 Oregon
#4 South Carolina
#5 South Dakota

How long before contacting an agent after starting a online search?
– 40% waited a average of 120 days
– 24% contacted an agent the same day

Use of mobile devices in the search
– 20% of real estate searches are done from mobile devices
– 48% get directions to homes for sale
– 45% request more information
– 16% watch a video about the home
– 36% search while watching TV

Locations where new home shoppers use their mobile devices to search for homes
– 77% at home
– 31% at work
– 28% waiting in line
– 27% at a restaurant
– 26% at other people’s homes

– Average more than 20 million unique visitors per month for

– Average more than 11 million visitors per month for

Today’s buyers search most frequently base on
– # of bedrooms and bathrooms
– Square footage
– Garages
– Heating
– Swimming pool
– Ventilation and air conditioning systems

Youtube searches in one fiscal quarter for:
– “buying a home” – 118,000
– “real estate agent” – 88,400

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