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Sardina Systems Releases Sardina Cloud Platform 3.2

Sardina Systems today announces the availability of the world’s first energy optimizing and utilization increasing OpenStack management and automation system.

With the new SCP 3.2 release, Sardina Systems’ FishDirector automates energy consumption optimization, enabling data center operators to lower energy consumption, increasing server utilization.

“FishDirector, with its unique technology for increasing server utilization by consolidating VMs workload in an automated manner, is the only OpenStack power management system available today,” said Anna Panchenko, VP of Marketing of Sardina Systems.

Sardina Systems’ FishDirector dynamically right-sizes the number of physical servers to match VMs workload as well as right-placement of VMs on physical servers. With Sardina Systems FishDirector, only the required servers and the right servers will need to be turned on, while still allowing for operator override.

Anna Panchenko added, “With this industry-pioneering energy optimization automation capability, FishDirector removes another key hurdle in data centers’ automation, building on its ability to scale to very large facilities.”

FishDirector has been field-proven at selected sites. Based on workload characteristics seen, FishDirector is able to reduce as much as 65% of energy consumed in a data center.

In this new release, Sardina Systems’ FishDirector further enhances data center operators’ ability to lower energy OpEx, reduce hardware and facilities CapEx through improved server utilization.

FishDirector can be integrated with popular OpenStack distributions, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, to leverage best-of-breed technologies to assure efficiency, enhanced productivity and boost ROI.

Source: World’s First Automation System Optimizing OpenStack Data Center Energy Consumption

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