Could Samsung take down Apple?

Below statistic information show the rise of Samsung and chances of becoming the undisputed King of Smartphones.As of 2012, only two companies turned profits on smartphones: Apple and Samsung split 101% of profits. Here’s how the battle’s breaking down:

Samsung bigger revenue compare with Apple
– 2012 Apple revenue is $156.5 bil
– 2012 Samsung revenue is $183.5 bil

Samsung has bigger employee count
– Samsung employs 220,000 people
– Apple employs only 115,200 people
– Making it practically 2 to 1

Bigger research and advertising spending by Samsung
– $3.4 bil by Apple
– $10.5 bil by Samsung

Apple: greater profit! In Q4 of 2012: for every dollar spent on a smartphone
– Apple got 43 cent
– Samsung got 36 cent
– 2012: Apple’s proift was 43% greater than Samsung’s.
– But Samsung sold more phones than Apple

And Samsung’s number of shipments grew more in 2012
– Shipment growth Samsung: 2011-2012 growth: 97.5%
– Shipment growth Apple: 2011-2012 growth: 38.3%

But most telling of all?
– In 2012: Apple ranked 1st for smartphone brand loyalty
– But in 2013: Samsung placed 1st in the smartphone category.

Published by Thomas Apel

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