Rules of Engagement for App Economy

Want your app to transform your business? Here’s how consumers will use it and expect it to work. Consumer users will abandon an app and a brand, sometimes forever, if it doesn’t load in 6 seconds.

No app feature drives brand loyalty like ease of use.
79% – Easy-to-use features
69% – Security
26% – Recommendation by social network

Features business apps get right – Most consumers say businesses get ease of use right.
81% – Ease of use
80% – Load time
73% – Security
61% – Cool factor

Top 5 types of business apps – Most consumers say financial apps are their favorite.

Recent uses of apps – Although most still use apps for email.
70% – Accessed personal email
49% – Banking transaction
48% – Updated social status
14% – Made purchase

Most likely uses of apps – More consumers are planning to use apps for important government tasks.
70% – Renew driver’s license
67% – Pay taxes
66% – Renew passport
66% – Apply for government licenses


Published by Thomas Apel

, a dynamic and self-motivated information technology architect, with a thorough knowledge of all facets pertaining to system and network infrastructure design, implementation and administration. I enjoy the technical writing process and answering readers' comments included.