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Rockstar Games hack

Updated on 2022-09-26: UK teen detained

The City of London police detained last week, on Thursday, a 17-year-old teen from Oxfordshire on hacking-related charges. While UK officials have not released the suspect’s name or other details about his arrest, the teen is widely suspected of being Teapot, a member of the Lapsus$ gang, who recently breached Uber and Rockstar Games, the makers of the GTA game series.


More than 90 videos showing gameplay from the upcoming GTA6 video game was leaked online on Sunday by an individual who claimed to be the same person who hacked Uber last week. Going by Teapot, the hacker said he plans to leak more gameplay and even some of the game’s source code. Rockstar Games confirmed the videos were authentic to Bloomberg’s main games reporter Jason Schreier, but has not commented on the news of the hack or if the hacker did indeed steal the game’s source code.

Rockstar Games announced a breach on Twitter.


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