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RisePro Stealer

Updated on 2022-12-29

Sekoia has a technical breakdown of RisePro, a new infostealer trojan spotted being advertised in underground cybercrime forums by Flashpoint. Per Sekoia, RisePro is currently being deployed as a second-stage payload on systems infected with the PrivateLoader malware. Read more:

New RisePro Stealer distributed by the prominent PrivateLoader

“RisePro” Stealer and Pay-Per-Install Malware “PrivateLoader”

Overview of RisePro stealer delivered by Privateloader

Updated on 2022-12-22

Flashpoint says they linked several listings on the Russian Market portal dedicated to the sale of stolen credentials to a new infostealer named RisePro Stealer. According to the company, RisePro appears to be a clone of the more well-known Vidar stealer strain. Read more: “RisePro” Stealer and Pay-Per-Install Malware “PrivateLoader”


RisePro, a spin-off of Vidar stealer, is gaining traction on Russian underground marketplaces. Written in C++, the malware attempts to exfiltrate stolen credentials in the form of logs. Read more: “RisePro” Stealer and Pay-Per-Install Malware “PrivateLoader”

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