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Respond To Comments And Participate In Forums To Gain More Followers And Traffic

It is your actions that will largely determine how much impact you will create in the minds of your social followers. Irrespective of the type of social media platform you use, it is important that you get into the act of engagement with your audience, respond to their comments, and share your contents on a regular basis.

Respond To Comments And Participate In Forums To Gain More Followers And Traffic

Respond To Comments And Participate In Forums To Gain More Followers And Traffic

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Engaging back creates an opportunity
Look for relevant hashtags
Participate and contribute to forums
Position your content in front
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When it comes to sharing your content, it can be a textual content that is used in any social media network or visual content for visual-only platforms like Instagram and Flickr. This will win your more Instagram followers who will feel that you are there to listen to their issues, solve it and also offer valuable and meaning content to them. Using these contents, they can:

  • Know more about your product
  • Feel you are a trustworthy company and
  • Eventually make a buying decision.

Therefore, responding to your audience will help you to establish an immediate connect with them that will start a new and useful conversation.

Select those comments that mention you, your business and your product, though this should go without saying. However, lot of businesses seems to miss this point and distance them from their audience who are ideally the backbone of any business.

Engaging back creates an opportunity

Therefore, make sure that when someone comments on your posts engages with your business otherwise, you comment and engage back!

  • This will raise the interest in the audience and they will engage with you and your brand even more.
  • This will, in turn, create the perfect opening for you to establish the value of your business.

It is also highly likely that in doing so, you will generate a lot of click throughs to your website or even make a conversion to a sale. In order to ensure that you are continuously engaged with your audience, make sure that you do not ignore your mentions and notifications.

Look for relevant hashtags

A significant part of your engagement with the audience is the conversation that you will have with them. Make sure that you spark a conversation every time you get engaged with them. In order to find the right type of audience and to ignite the right kind of conversation you will need to search for the relevant hashtags. If you have some authority in your niche or in the industry, you must pay special attention to such hashtags that will start off a particular discussion. There are several useful tools out there that will help you with your search for relevant hashtags.

  • These relevant hashtags used while sharing your own content will enable you to include those people who will include these hashtags in their social media posts.
  • Each of these useful hashtags will also be able to create a better opportunity for you to link to a specific resource on your website.

Relevant hashtags are just like the relevant links that people will appreciate as compared to the ones that seems much like an advertisement. However, when you start a conversation with your audience it is elementary that you ensure that all your interactions and conversations are genuine. This will enable you to carry on with your conversation and keep your social audience engaged even more.

Participate and contribute to forums

Just like you need to search for relevant hashtags and links, you will also need to search for relevant forums and contribute to it. Participating in such forums will help you a lot in your social media marketing efforts and win more traffic to your site.
These forums are usually online communities that offer several benefits through their tasks. They will:

  • Ask relevant questions
  • Offer more knowledge
  • Provide better solutions and even
  • Share links with those content that is relevant to their specific niche.

This will not only help you to raise the volume of traffic to your site but will also at the same time demonstrate the authenticity and worthiness of your site and business. This will eventually add more value to your business.

You will find all types of forums with industries ranging from digital marketing to social modeling to pets and home décor. Just look for such forums on different sources like:

  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon and lots more.

Choose a forum according to your niche and contribute to gain valuable insights about your business and what exactly you need to do get more traffic to your site.

Participate and contribute to forums

Participate and contribute to forums

Most of the people engage in these forums and dedicate a lot of time to it. They do so to learn more about their business and marketing strategies, product design and audience engagement and talk about their specific interests and subjects with other like-minded people.

This enables them to have a diverse set of opinions that they can sift through and analyze later on in order to design the best social media marketing strategy and drive more traffic to their sites.

Position your content in front

Ideally, by responding and commenting on the shares, you will position your content as well as your site in front of your audience, the participants in the forums and all those people who can contribute handsomely to your business marketing strategy.

People will easily find you and if they find anything of interest in your social content or in your visual posts, they will look for the links to visit your site to know more. This approach will raise the interest and trust in your audience which will in turn drive traffic back to your site.

If you want to participate in the discussions and forums, make sure that:

  • You create a list of the social chats across different social channels
  • Find those that are within your niche and you would like to participate in and
  • Add them to your social calendar.

When you are done, make it a point to create a schedule for about 15 to 30 minutes to engage with your followers on social media diligently every day.

Therefore, keep some time free for your valuable social audience to do good to your site and business.

Author Bio

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.



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