Reasons why System Administrators deserve your appreciation

July 26th, 2013, CFEngine celebrates the 14th Annual System Administrator Appreaciation Day. We have interviewed 100’s of SysAdmins in our community and want to share some fun facts we have discovered which show why they deserve our appreciation.

Appreciate them for all that they do in your organization:
– Provision, configure and maintain your computer systems.
– Design and install your networks.
– Deploy new software applications to your web servers.
– Ensure that your email, calendar and all other business apps work.
– Project management for system related projects.
– Monitor performance of your networks.
– Procure new hardware and software.
– Maintain disk images for new installs.
– Check for security breaches and poor data management.
– Supervise and train others in the organization.
– Ensure security for internet connectivity.

Our sysadmins are wicked smart!
– More than 38% have college/university degrees
– In addition 24% have completed grad school
– And about 13% have gone on to post graduate studies
So in aggregate, 75% are college educated or better, and they work really hard on average 49.5 hours per week.

They are not snobs. When it comes to favorite drinks, this is a coffee (32%), water (22%) and soda (10%) crowd. And as you might expect their off-duty drink is beer which came in 4th at 18%.
4x more CFEngine SysAdmins prefer Coffee over tea.
4x more CFEngine SysAdmins prefer Beer over wine.

They are the original geeks!
Nearly 50% of all CFEngine SysAdmins learned to hack on computers like Alto, Amiga, Atari, Commodore, PDP, Sinclair and TRS.

These guys are linguists… or at least they know and use quite a number of languages
– Over 50% know 3-5 programming languages
– 17% know 6-8 programming languages
– 32% know 9 or more programming languages

SysAdmins have tools for everything
Appreciate them for making sense out of tools with names like cacti, dtrace, emacs, ganglia, git, logstach, nogios, putty, rsync, snort, sudo, tmux, vagrant, vim and wireshark. Without all these tools your company would grind to a halt.

Please also appreciate them for things they don’t do:
– They don’t make your surfing habits public.
– They don’t delete the gigs of music on your company drive.
– They don’t repeat the dumb questions you ask sometimes.
– They don’t give you a hard time when they have to recover the data you accidentally deleted.

And finally CFEngine SysAdmins really are a special breed:
– They have more experience (roughly 4 years more than average SysAdmins)
– Manage more servers (41% of CFEngine SysAdmins manage between 100-2500 servers each)

So please give them a little extra appreciation today!