Reach Twitter on the sofa, on the move and in the moment

Twitter was born mobile. With 10 million users in the UK, people reach for Twitter on the sofa, on the move and in the moment.

– 80% of UK users access Twitter via a mobile device.
– Mobile users are 40% more likely than the average user to access Twitter more than once a day.

On the sofa, on the move
Increasingly, Twitter is the second screen at home, and a companion on the move. Mobile users actively engage on the platform throughout their day.
– 66% of mobile users use Twitter at home in front of the TV
– 1 in 3 mobile users use Twitter on their commute
– 50% of mobile users use Twitter at bedtime
– 1 in 4 mobile users use Twitter while shopping

In the moment
Twitter brings people closer to their passions. In fact, 1 in 3 mobile users go on Twitter while in social situations – like hanging out with friends. Mobile users highly engage in the moment, and tend to do so more than the average user.

What do mobile users do on Twitter?
– 43% Retweet a Tweet
– 32% Tweet about TV they’re watching
– 31% Tweet a photo taken
– 29% Favourite a Tweet

Twitter is the shortest distance between users and what interests them most. Sometimes what interests them most is brands.
– 67% of mobile users follow brands on Twitter
– 25% of mobile users follow more than 10 brands
– 50% follow a brand for customer service
– 45% are likely to recommend the brand they follow

Mobile targeting is the most effective way for advertisers to target users on the sofa, on the move and in the moment. Talk to us for more details on how mobile strategies and device targeting can work for your brand.

Published by Thomas Apel

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