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Raspberry Pi‬ and ‪Google‬‬ Released Voice Recognition Kit for AIY Projects

Google teamed up with Raspberry Pi Foundation to build the first RPi-compatible kits for AIY Projects: do-it-yourself artificial intelligence for Makers by releasing series of reference kits, starting with voice recognition kit. Voice Kit taps into Google Assistant SDK and Cloud Speech API using AIY Projects Voice HAT (Hardware Accessory on Top) board, stereo microphone and speaker, designed and tested with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

Raspberry Pi‬ and ‪Google‬‬ Released Voice Recognition Kit for AIY Projects

Raspberry Pi‬ and ‪Google‬‬ Released Voice Recognition Kit for AIY Projects

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All you need to add is a Raspberry Pi 3, Then, after some software setup, you’ll have access to the Google Assistant SDK and Google Cloud Speech API.

The folks at Google, along with us at The MagPi, are really excited to see what projects you can create (or enhance) with this kit, whether you’re creating a voice controlled robot or a voice interface that answers all your questions,

According to The MagPi Magazine.

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The contents of the voice kit are listed below.

  • Voice HAT accessory board (×1)
  • Voice HAT microphone board (×1)
  • Plastic standoffs (×2)
  • 3-inch speaker (wires attached) (×1)
  • Arcade-style push button (×1)
  • 4-wire button cable (×1)
  • 5-wire daughter board cable (×1)
  • External cardboard box (×1)
  • Internal cardboard frame (×1)
  • Lamp (×1)
  • Micro-switch (×1)
  • Lamp holder (x1)

New Voice Kit comes free in every physical copy of The MagPi #57 (official Raspberry Pi magazine) or you can download digital copy of here. However, buy it separately from Barnes & Noble stores nationwide, UK retailers WH Smith, Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda.

Google Developers Blog: AIY Projects: Do-it-yourself AI for Makers

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