Programmatic Ad Buying Cheat Sheet

Programmatic ad buying doesn’t have to be complicated! We’ve divided it into 4 categories so you can get a clearer overview!

Real-time Bidding

Open Exchange

This piece of software that allows advertisers to bid on impressions for inventory. Open exchanges are open to all and impressions can be brought at a reasonable price.

Private Exchange

Private exchanges allow advertisers to buy inventory through RTB in a private marketplace. Advertisers will have access to premium inentory.

Programmatic Direct

Programmatic Guaranteed

This type of programmatic advertising allows advertisers to buy guaranteed ad inventory without an auction, but rather a direct sale. Essential it is automated direct sales.

Preferred Deal

Publishers offer inventory to buyers at a fixed price, Deals are pre-auction, meaning that fixed price deals will transact if the buyer accepts the inventory, even if the price is below that of the auction.


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