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Increase Productivity for Legal Professionals using ABBYY FineReader

PDFs documents are key to helping law firms store, retrieve and share information. But without a single easy way to automate the creation, management and communication of PDFs, firms face high-cost manual labor. Read this article to learn how ABBYY can help you equip the legal professionals on your staff with a powerful tool to:

  • Enhance Collaboration with PDFs
  • Reduce Risk with Secure and Compliant PDFs
  • Track Changes on Critical Documents
  • Use One Single Solution to All PDF Challenges

Read on this article to learn about real use-case examples and how ABBYY FineReader can be used to improve the daily document processes in your law practice.

Increase Productivity for Legal Professionals using ABBYY FineReader

Content Summary

Your Single Elegant Solution to PDF Challenges
Opening the Doors to Higher Productivity
Enhancing Collaboration with PDFs
Reduce Risk with Secure and Compliant PDFs
No-Surprise Change Tracking for Law Firms

Your Single Elegant Solution to PDF Challenges

Meeting the Challenges of Today’s Law Firms
PDFs offer law firms a universally accepted format for dealing with the thousands of documents they receive every year. They’re key to helping firms store, retrieve and share information. But without a single easy way to automate the creation, management and communication of PDFs, firms face high-cost manual labor. Along with slower workflows, security risks and compliance issues. However, legal practices have had few options: either PDF solutions that are easy yet underpowered, or feature-rich but complex and expensive.

Until now. Because ABBYY FineReader gives legal professionals all the features and ease they need, at a very affordable price. You enjoy the power of solutions costing hundreds of dollars more, plus ease that puts any tool at your disposal with just a click.

Use Case: Staff need to convert paper and image files into legally-compliant PDFs. FineReader automatically converts document batches to searchable PDFs that comply with rules for submission as evidence and eDiscovery – speeding preparation and review of documents.

Use Case: Attorneys need to easily and securely edit, comment and share PDFs. FineReader’s ease and sophisticated toolset makes it point-and-click easy to edit, annotate, secure, sanitize and share PDFs.

Opening the Doors to Higher Productivity

Your Keys to Using and Managing Documents More Productively
Accuracy is critical in law. FineReader delivers it from the ground up. Award-winning Optical Character Recognition (OCR) precisely converts text and layouts from scans and image-only files into searchable PDFs – eliminating time-consuming manual retyping.

Moreover, FineReader automatically detects if the documents you open aren’t searchable, and applies OCR if needed to make the text accessible. You can immediately start working or save them as searchable PDF in your digital archive. This ends the need to store paper documents and hunt through non-searchable digital archives. FineReader also enables fast extraction and reuse of text; easy editing and updating of documents; and easy rearrangement of pages and combination of several files into one.

Use Case: Tight timeframes leave attorneys hard-pressed to corroborate claims using available evidence. FineReader speeds eDiscovery and raises productivity by making text, metadata and images of documents available for automated search.

Use Case: Searchable PDFs end the need for attorneys and paralegals to manually comb through paper and non-searchable digital files – minimizing firms’ exposure to the risks and costs of error-prone manual processes.

Enhancing Collaboration with PDFs

Take the Hard Work Out of Teamwork
Collaboration is key to productivity in every legal practice. And with FineReader your team can share, detect changes, comment on and annotate PDFs effortlessly – simplifying and speeding document reviews and approval. For example, comments and markups can be made directly within PDFs, greatly enhancing document processing efficiency. Transparency among team members improves by assigning status levels to comments including Accepted, Rejected, Cancelled and Completed.

Your team will also work more efficiently with exact knowledge of documents’ status. FineReader enables you to stamp a PDF as you would paper – clarifying its status with custom stamps based on your internal processes. Plus, searching and navigating PDFs is also streamlined via keyword search features and automatic or manual bookmarking.

Use Case: Lawyers and paralegals can save time crosschecking work with the ability to quickly navigate through large PDFs thanks to automatic and manual bookmarking.

Use Case: Attorneys can speed document review with the ability to search for keywords and phrases across entire PDFs, including comments and annotations. Plus, FineReader provides an at-a-glance list of comments, along with an immediate view of annotations.

Reduce Risk with Secure and Compliant PDFs

Easily Maintain Confidentiality and Compliance
The need for collaboration means a one-sizefits-all approach to PDF security won’t work for law firms. So FineReader offers plenty of options. Strict password protection limits the access to the whole document, while “permission” passwords grant varying degrees of access and editing privileges – for example, limiting printing privileges or blocking the possibility of editing the content of a document.

Additionally, FineReader features advanced redaction that removes text and metadata from all layers of a PDF. You can also designate words and phrases for automatic redaction throughout a document – and remove “hidden” objects (such as bookmarks, hyperlinks, attachments) with just a few clicks. Plus, support for digital signatures helps ensure document integrity. And to help ensure compliance, FineReader can automatically apply Bates Stamps and supports PDF/A formats.

Use Case: Attorneys may need to share long documents that require suppression of select data. With FineReader they can automatically redact such information throughout a PDF according to keywords – saving hours of manual labor.

Use Case: A document’s recipients may not know if it’s been modified, unless it carries a digital signature – which authors can apply with FineReader. Any change to a document after an author digitally signs it renders the signature invalid – alerting the recipient.

No-Surprise Change Tracking for Law Firms

Save Time and Lower Risks with Compare Documents
Lawyers can’t afford to miss changes between different copies of a critical document. And you can rely on FineReader’s Compare Documents to find them all – swiftly, accurately and automatically.The feature compares text from two versions of the same document across different file formats. Finding and identifying differences between them, it eliminates time-consuming, line-by-line matching of text in paper documents or scans.

Compare Documents is effective across a wide range of file formats including Microsoft® Office, paper scans, PDFs, image files, etc. For example, you can compare the original version of a contract in Word with a scanned signed copy sent over as a jpeg. Even better, it’s so easy that you can use it productively immediately. Plus, reviewing comparison results is easy: it only identifies changes that effect meaning, and ignores irrelevant differences such as layout and formatting.

Use Case: Attorneys can easily check agreements and track changes between two documents. Modifications are automatically identified and highlighted in both versions. Focusing solely on text, Compare Documents also separates significant changes from minor variations in headers, footers, etc.

Use Case: Team review and collaboration is enhanced with the ability to save comparison results that can be annotated for review and team commentary. For example, results may be saved as a PDF with changes marked as comments, or as a Word document featuring a list of changes.

Source: ABBYY

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