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Poland and Slovakia’s Parliament DDoS Attack

Updated on 2022-10-30

In a series of DDOS attacks, Pro-Russian hacktivist groups have targeted the IT networks of the Parliaments of Poland and Slovakia. The attacks targeting Poland’s Parliament came after the government passed a resolution recognizing Russia as a terrorist state and brought down the Senate’s website. The attack targeting Slovakia’s Parliament systems was far more severe, and the body had to suspend its voting session on Thursday due to the IT system being down. Read more: Slovak Parliament Suspends Voting Due to Suspected Cyberattack

Updated on 2022-10-28: Polish and Slovakian Parliaments Report Cyberattacks

The website of Poland’s Senate was reportedly hit with a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack late last week, and voting in Slovakia’s Parliament was postponed after disclosing that its IT systems were not operating.


  • Cyber as a weapon is now part of the military doctrine for a large majority of nations. While this attack could be viewed as more of a nuisance, it should serve as a reminder for organizations to revisit their recovery plans for service disruptions that impact business operations.
  • The attack even took systems in the cafeteria offline. Whether or not you feel you’re a targeted organization, make sure that you have DDoS protections in place, even more so if you’re in any way affiliated with supporting government. Review the guidance on DDoS provided by CISA above.



The Slovak and Polish parliaments were hit by cyberattacks that took down all computers and phone networks. The Polish Senate alleged that Russian hackers were behind the attack. Read more: Slovak, Polish Parliaments Hit by Cyberattacks

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