Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 81: Which grid shows which resources are tied to work packages?

A. Work breakdown structure (WBS)
B. Responsibility assignment matrix (RAM)
C. Project assignment chart
D. Personnel assignment matrix

Question 82: An effective technique for resolving conflict that incorporates multiple viewpoints from differing perspectives to achieve consensus and commitment is:

A. smooth/accommodate
B. force/direct
C. collaborate/problem solve
D. compromise/reconcile

Question 83: Status of deliverables, implementation status for change requests, and forecasted estimates to complete are examples of:

A. Earned value management.
B. Enterprise environmental factors.
C. Organizational process assets.
D. Work performance information.

Question 84: Which item is an output of Plan Quality Management and an input to Perform Quality Assurance?

A. Organizational process updates
B. Quality metrics
C. Change requests
D. Quality control measurements

Question 85: A project manager managing a cross-cultural virtual project team across several time zones should be concerned about the impacts of which communication technology factor?

A. Urgent information need
B. Sensitivity of information
C. Project environment
D. Ease of use

Question 86: The number of potential communication channels for a project with 5 stakeholders is:

A. 10.
B. 12.
C. 20.
D. 24.

Question 87: Which tool or technique is used in validating the scope of a project?

A. Facilitated workshops
B. Interviews
C. Inspection
D. Meetings

Question 88: An input to Close Project or Phase is:

A. Accepted deliverables.
B. Final products or services.
C. Document updates.
D. Work performance information.

Question 89: External organizations that have a special relationship with the enterprise and provide specialized expertise are called:

A. Customers.
B. Business partners.
C. Sellers.
D. Functional managers.

Question 90: Which process involves subdividing project deliverables and project work into smaller, more manageable portions?

A. Develop Schedule
B. Create VVBS
C. Estimate Activity Resources
D. Define Scope