Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 641: What is the primary benefit of the Manage Quality process?

A. Increases the probability of meeting quality objectives
B. Enhances the performance of the product being created
C. Defines quality roles and responsibilities
D. Ensures that the project is completed as originally planned

Question 642: What tool or technique will establish expected behaviors for project team members?

A. Ground rules
B. Decision making
C. Power/influence grid
D. Stakeholder engagement assessment matrix

Question 643: What is the primary purpose of Project Scope Management?

A. Determining and managing stakeholder needs.
B. Controlling the status of the product scope and managing changes to its baseline.
C. Defining and controlling what is and is not included in the project.
D. Differentiating between the product scope and project scope.

Question 644: What organizational process asset (OPA) might impact a project’s outcome?

A. Processes, polices, and procedures
B. Legal restrictions
C. Infrastructure, resource availability, and employee capability
D. Financial considerations

Question 645: What specific quality considerations should be examined while completing Quality Management plan?

A. Risk register
B. Stakeholder engagement
C. Continuous improvement
D. Standards and regulatory compliance