Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 631: What two key components of the project management plan are used as inputs to create the cost management plan?

A. Schedule management and risk management plans
B. Schedule management and scope management plans
C. Procurement management and schedule management plans
D. Resource management and schedule management plans

Question 632: In which Project Cost Management process is work performance data included?

A. Plan Cost Management
B. Estimate Costs
C. Determine Budget
D. Control Costs

Question 633: A project manager is talking with their manager about the advantages of following a particular project management approach. What component of the project manager’s sphere of influence does this represent?

A. The project
B. The organization
C. Professional discipline
D. Across disciplines

Question 634: What should a project manager reference to understand where responsibility, accountability, and authority reside within a company?

A. Project charter
B. Scope of work
C. Project management system
D. Organizational system

Question 635: What is both an input and output of the Control Quality process and is updated as a result of this process?

A. Lessons learned register
B. Risk register
C. Enterprise environmental factors (EEFs)
D. Root cause analysis

Question 636: A recently hired project manager is looking for templates to use for projects on which they will work. To what category of enterprise environmental factors should the project manager refer?

A. Resource availability
B. Infrastructure
C. Academic research
D. Corporate knowledge base

Question 637: What is an example of an emerging trend in procurement management?

A. Online technologies enable projects to postpone ordering long lead items until the items are needed.
B. Online technologies allow a project’s progress to be viewed by all stakeholders to build better relations.
C. Online procurement tools provide buyers with multiple sources to advertise to sellers.
D. Online procurement tools provide sellers with designated sources for procurement documents and the resources to complete them.

Question 638: What Knowledge Area must be led by the project manager and cannot be delegated to other specialists?

A. Project Cost Management
B. Project Integration Management
C. Project Risk Management
D. Project Schedule Management

Question 639: What key component of the project charter defines the conditions for closing a project phase?

A. Purpose
B. Approval requires
C. Exit criteria
D. High-level requirements

Question 640: What three strategies are used to respond to threats?

A. Escalate, accept, and mitigate
B. Accept, share, and avoid
C. Escalate, transfer, and exploit
D. Mitigate, accept, and prioritize