Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 621: Stakeholder identification and engagement should begin during what phrase of the project?

A. After the project management is completed
B. After the stakeholder engagement plan is completed
C. As soon as the project charter has been approved
D. After the communications management plan is completed

Question 622: Which process is engaged when a project team member makes a change to project budget with the project manager’s approval?

A. Manage Cost Plan
B. Estimate Costs
C. Determine Budget
D. Control Costs

Question 623: Which of the following is an example of tacit knowledge?

A. Risk register
B. Project requirements
C. Expert judgment
D. Make-or-buy analysis

Question 624: During which knowledge area stage would a project manager close all contracts appropriately and then close the phase?

A. Project Integration Management
B. Project Scope Management
C. Project Procurement Management
D. Project Resource Management

Question 625: What type of risk is Variability risk?

A. Emerging risk
B. Non-event risk
C. Ambiguity risk
D. Integrated risk

Question 626: Make-or-buy analysis is a tool and technique of which process?

A. Conduct Procurements
B. Plan Procurement Management
C. Analyze Procurements
D. Control Procurements

Question 627: A project manager of a civil construction project is trying to understand the local laws. What example of tailoring procurement could this best be described as?

A. Compliance and governance
B. Physical location tailoring
C. Complexity of procurement
D. Availability of contractors

Question 628: A project manager is performing a specific process and has a list of accepted deliverables. One of the stakeholders points out that they have just reviewed the verified deliverables, and come up with the list of accepted deliverables. Which process is being referred to?

A. Control Quality
B. Validate Scope
C. Validate Quality
D. Control Scope

Question 629: Which component of the project charter defines what the project’s success will look like?

A. Project objective
B. Project approval requirements
C. Project exit criteria
D. High-level requirements

Question 630: What does a sender-receiver model accomplish?

A. Describes the communications needed to manage the team or physical resources
B. Outlines how stakeholders will be engaged through appropriate communication strategies
C. Defines the lead, support, and risk management team members for each type of activity
D. Creates feedback loops that allow for interaction and participation, and removes barriers