Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 611: A project manager has to share a status report with a new stakeholder and is trying to determine the level of detail to include in the report. Which document best details the information the project manager needs to make this decision?

A. Organizational process assets
B. Change management plan
C. Communications management plan
D. Resource management plan

Question 612: What are the key tools for managing project knowledge?

A. Expert judgment and data gathering
B. Networking and storytelling
C. Data analysis and decision making
D. Prototypes and product analysis

Question 613: A project manager uses their networking skills to build agreement with a difficult stakeholder. What level of influence did the project manager apply?

A. Project level
B. Organizational level
C. Industry level
D. Influential level

Question 614: Which of the following describes the similarities of the process groups and project life cycle?

A. The life cycle involves three project management process groups
B. Both provide a basic framework to manage the project
C. Each project must have a life cycle and all processes in the five process groups
D. The project life cycle is managed by executing the processes within the five process groups

Question 615: A project manager is estimating project activities using an algorithm to calculate costs or durations. What is this technique called?

A. Analogous estimating
B. Three-point estimating
C. Parametric estimating
D. Bottom-up estimating

Question 616: The project manager is working in the processes of Project Resource Management. Which process is the project manager developing if they are using parametric estimation?

A. Plan Resource Management
B. Estimate Activity Resources
C. Estimate Costs
D. Acquire Resources

Question 617: Which contract type is least desirable to a vendor?

A. Fixed price with economic price adjustment (FPEPA)
B. Firm fixed price (FFP)
C. Cost plus fixed fee (CPFF)
D. Cost plus award fee (CPAF)

Question 618: A project manager is in the process of working with stakeholders to meet their needs and expectations, and identifying and fostering communication and involvement. Which process does this typically represent?

A. Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
B. Monitor Communications
C. Manage Communications
D. Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Question 619: A construction project team has just had an inevitable delay due to a natural calamity. What should the project manager do next?

A. Use expert judgment
B. Use organizational process assets
C. Consult the project management plan
D. Consult the risk register

Question 620: Which of the following is used as an input to prepare a cost management plan?

A. Expert judgment
B. Lessons learned
C. Cost estimates
D. Project management plan