Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 601: Which of the following is an example of an internal factor that influences the outcome of the project?

A. Legal restrictions
B. Financial considerations
C. Commercial database
D. Geographic distribution of facilities

Question 602: What is the purpose of tailoring in project management?

A. To select an appropriate team and its competencies for the project
B. To select appropriate processes, tools & methodology for the project
C. To ensure agile practices are embedded into project phases
D. To let management know the project management will be done efficiency

Question 603: During the execution phase of a project a defect is found. The project manager takes responsibility and with the correct documentation, begins the task necessary to repair the defect. What process was applied?

A. Change request
B. Risk response
C. Risk management plan
D. Lessons learned

Question 604: Deciding the phases of project life cycle would be considered a part of which of these knowledge areas?

A. Project Schedule Management
B. Project Scope Management
C. Project Resource Management
D. Project Integration Management

Question 605: A project manager is formalizing acceptance of the completed project deliverables. What is an input to this process?

A. Verified deliverables
B. Validated deliverables
C. Accepted deliverables
D. Completed change requests

Question 606: The Agile principle “welcome changing requirements, even late in development” relates to which agile manifesto?

A. Working software over comprehensive documentation
B. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
C. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
D. Responding to change over following a plan

Question 607: In a functional organization, the director of an important stakeholder business group expressed concern to a line manager about the progress of the project. What should the line manager do next?

A. Hold a face-to-face meeting with the project manager and warn them
B. Point the director to a link where they can take a look at the reports
C. Invite stakeholders to attend monthly progress review meetings
D. Ask the project manager to update the monthly status report distribution list

Question 608: Which conflict resolution technique produces the most lasting results?

A. Withdraw/avoid
B. Smooth/accommodate
C. Compromise/reconcile
D. Collaborate/problem solve

Question 609: A project has an estimated duration of 10 months with a total budget of US$220,000. At the end of the fifth month, it is estimated that at completion, the project will incur US$250,000. If the actual cost (AC) calculated is US$150,000, what is the earned value (EV) of the project?

A. US$-30,000
B. US$120,000
C. US$370,000
D. US$400,000

Question 610: Which of the following are processes associated with Project Cost Management?

A. Develop Costs, Estimate Costs, Determine Budget, Control Costs
B. Develop Budget, Determine Budget, Determine Risks, Control Costs
C. Plan Cost Management, Estimate Costs, Determine Budget, Control Costs
D. Plan Budget Management, Determine Budget, Create Cost Accounts, Control Costs