Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 591: A project report completed an earned value (EV) of US $45 for work with an actual cost (AC) of US $40. What is the cost performance index (CPI)?

A. 0.88
B. 1.12
C. 0.58
D. 1.58

Question 592: Which of the following technology platforms is most effective for sharing information when managing virtual project teams?

A. Video conferencing
B. Audio conferencing
C. Shared portal
D. Email/chat

Question 593: Which of the following is an example of the objective of a quality audit?

A. Identify nonconformities, shortcomings, and gaps
B. Verify solution effectiveness
C. Perform data gathering
D. Conduct retrospective

Question 594: Which tool is critical for the team to adapt to a high variability benefit project?

A. Colocation
B. Collaboration
C. Flexibility
D. Specialization

Question 595: What organizational asset can influence the Plan Risk Management process?

A. Corporate policies and procedures for social media, ethics, and security
B. Organizational risk policy
C. Stakeholder register templates and instructions
D. Organizational communication requirements

Question 596: What is the role of project management in terms of organizational strategy?

A. Project management aligns initiatives, prioritizes work, and provides resources
B. Project management provides the strategic vision for an organization to achieve its goals
C. Project management enabled the achievement of organizational goals and objectives
D. Project management harmonizes components and controls interdependencies to realize specific benefits

Question 597: A project manager needs to tailor the Project Cost Management process. Which considerations should the project manager apply?

A. Diversity background
B. Stakeholder’s relationships
C. Technical expertise
D. Knowledge management

Question 598: Due to new market conditions a five-year project requires a full revision of project objectives. Which components of the stakeholder engagement plan need to be updated?

A. Scope and impact of change to stakeholders
B. Project scope and stakeholder goals
C. Engagement level of key stakeholders
D. Stakeholder expectations for the project

Question 599: A functional manager is delegating a key project to a project team without a project manager. Which communication method will be most effective?

A. Interactive
B. Push
C. Verbal
D. Oral

Question 600: What is the first step in the Stakeholder Management process?

A. Plan Stakeholder Engagement
B. Identify Stakeholders
C. Manage Stakeholder Responsibility
D. Monitor Stakeholder Activity