Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 561: A project team member is estimating the cost of an activity and is checking documentation from previous similar projects. Which estimation method is the project manager using to complete this task?

A. Bottom-up estimating
B. Three-point estimating
C. Analogous estimating
D. Parametric estimating

Question 562: Under which circumstances should multiple projects be grouped in a program?

A. When they are needed to accomplish a set of goals and objectives for an organization
B. When they have the same project manager and the same organizational unit
C. When they have the same scope, budget, and schedule
D. When they are from the same unit of the organization

Question 563: How should a project manager plan communications for a project which has uncertain requirements?

A. Include stakeholders in project meetings and reviews, use frequent checkpoints, and co-locate team members only.
B. Invite customers to sprint planning and retrospective meetings, update the team quickly and on a daily basis, and use official communication channels.
C. Adopt social networking to engage stakeholders, issue frequent and short messages, and use informal communication channels.
D. Adopt a strong change control board process, establish focal points for main subjects, and promote formal and transparent communication.

Question 564: In an agile or adaptive environment, when should risk be monitored and prioritized?

A. Only during the Initiation and Closing phases
B. During the Initiation and Planning phases
C. During each iteration as the project progresses
D. Throughout the Planning process group and retrospective meeting

Question 565: What are the inputs of the Estimate Costs process?

A. Project management plan, work performance data, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets
B. Project management plan, project documents, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets
C. Cost baseline, enterprise environmental factors, benefits management plan, and organizational process assets
D. Project management plan, enterprise environmental factors, basis of estimates, and organizational process assets

Question 566: For which kind of quantitative risk analysis chart can a tornado diagram represent values?

A. Sensitivity analysis
B. Monte Carlo analysis
C. Expected monetary value analysis
D. Decision tree analysis

Question 567: A project manager is identifying the risks of a project. Which technique should the project manager use?

A. Representations of uncertainty
B. Prompt lists
C. Audits
D. Risk categorization

Question 568: What does an S-curve from a Monte Carlo analysis show?

A. Cumulative probability distribution representing probability of achieving a particular outcome
B. Individual project risks or uncertainties that have the most potential impact on outcome
C. Best alternative out of the possible solutions, incorporating associated risks and opportunities
D. Diagram for all project uncertainties and their influence over a period of time

Question 569: Which components of the project management plan are inputs used when creating the stakeholder engagement plan?

A. Risk, resource, and communications management plans
B. Scope, quality, and resource management plans
C. Procurement, integration, and risk management plans
D. Communications, schedule, and cost management plans

Question 570: Which of these is true of project integration management?

A. Project Integration Management is mandatory and more effective in larger projects
B. Project Integration Management and expert judgment are mutually exclusive
C. Project Integration Management is the responsibility of the project manager
D. Project Integration Management excludes the triple constraints if cost performance index (CPI) equals zero